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Minister Kekoa brings the Mana and Aloha of his Kanaka Hawaiian heritage to your perfect wedding or renewal.
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About Kahiko Traditions

Minister Kekoa's voice is a soothing mix of the ancient and modern. He infuses his ceremonies with an irresistible warmth that brings people together in love and family - one sacred tradition at a time!

Born on the beautiful island of Kauai, Minister Kekoa brings his people's love and aloha to each ceremony. To all those in attendance across globe who are looking for something more than just a civil marriage but rather an ancient tradition with deep roots-

-to these individuals we offer you Kahiko Traditions!

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We bring the ancient mana of his Kanaka Hawaiian roots to each ceremony, blending them with the energy and vibrancy of our modern era, for your special day.
Ancient Traditions in the Modern Era
Minister Kekoa brings the Mana and Aloha of his roots as a Kanaka Hawaiian to each ceremony.
We Craft the Perfect Ceremony for You
We honor our ancestral rituals and set each ceremony apart. Your special day is an opportunity to create a family legacy
Share Your Personal Love Story
Kahiko Traditions offers wedding ceremonies for couples wishing to marry in the spirit of Aloha.
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Our Tailored Services

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Crafted Collabration

Together, we go over all the options and work out a custom ceremony from your vows to ring exchange.

Together with our expert staff of ministers you can experience an intimate yet elegant wedding that will be remembered for years to come!

Your Love Story

Your personal love story must be told. There is Mana and Aloha in how you met, built your love and got engaged. Sharing your Aloha with your family adds strength and love to your union.


Imagine your wedding day as an elegant journey through the Islands, with traditions and rituals that will take you back in time.

A blend of various other cultural ceremonies are available for our couples to choose from- all designed especially just for them!
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Ready to Collaborate?

Aloha is our speciality, we'll treat you like Ohana (family).

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“I had been waiting my whole life and never thought this day would come. I just wanted to say thank you for being a big part of it. So many people complimented the ceremony.”

Nick Blanco

“You keep going above and beyond. We cannot thank you enough for holding us down the entire wedding week. We got so many compliments about the ceremony and all of that is due to you. You really captured the importance of our families being the foundation, how we've grown as a couple, and highlighted our love of travel + experiencing different cultures."

Martina Trejo

“Nailed it! I wanted to say thanks again for the great job you did at our wedding.”

Chris Smith

Kahiko Traditions

There will never be another love story like yours. We craft the perfect ceremony about you. Contact me to book a consultation.
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